Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wrath of Ike!

I promise this will be my last post on Ike, but I wanted to post the pictures showing his fury. Our brush pile is one of the biggest I've seen in the neighborhood. We lost a lot of good trees, but we still have plenty of beautiful ones to look at.

These two trees were to the left of the garage and the boys swing hung between them. I guess we will have to find a new place for them to swing.

This is looking into the backyard from the back patio. The tree that I'm most upset about losing is the huge one laying over the sandbox. We had positioned the sandbox between two trees to give the boys a nice shady area to play in.

This picture was taken standing in our backyard facing to the right.

Our huge brush pile in front of the house. Driving down the street you can't really even see our house because it is so tall.

And more piles.

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Dana said...

It's hard to believe just how much tree damage you had! Thanks for posting pictures for us to get a better idea of all the work Travis had to do!

I'm so glad y'all had power when you got home and maybe you can get back to normal pretty soon with your usual routine. We miss the boys already. Thanks for sharing them with us when I know you were anxious to be back with Travis.

Love you,


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