Thursday, September 04, 2008

Trip to Gram and Papa's

Tyler's nickname this week was "Hollywood" because he always had his glasses on. He is OBSESSED with these sunglasses lately- he even takes them to bed with him. He liked to imitate Papa and put his glasses on his head when he saw that Papa's were on his head. Here they are about to go mow on the tractor. Tyler could ride tractors all day long!

Cooper driving the police car. He liked to ride in this car when he got a chance.

Napping with friends. Seriously, could he get any more teddy bears in that bed with him? He is also obsessed with putting his PJ's on before naps. He LOVES his pajamas.

I took the boys to the Discovery Science Place one rainy day and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. This was Cooper's favorite thing to do- look at the fish! Cooper is about to take off walking. He is walking around 10-12 steps at a time. I have got to buy this kid some shoes!!! He has some sandals, but he hates them so I never make him wear them.

On Wednesday we went to Kilgore to visit Great Gramm and Grandpappy. The boys had a blast even though it was rainy and couldn't run around their huge backyard. They got spoiled with Gramm's famous fried chicken and of course got brownies and ice cream for dessert! We all had a good time.

While we were gone, Tyler figured out how to use the pedals to ride the tricycle. We have tried teaching him on his tricycle here, but he just never could get going. I don't think his legs are quite long enough on his. But the tricycle my parents have was just the right size and Tyler took off and loved riding it by pushing the pedals! Here is a video we brought back to show Daddy.

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Callie said...

oh they are precious!! I am loving the tricycle - how cute!! Cooper is a complete Fleming!! Tyler is totally a Johnson - you guys are good! What happens when you have another one?!?!?


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