Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

This year we let the boys pick one activity outside of Awana that they could participate in.  Cooper choose T-ball!  So we signed him up and we have had so much fun watching Cooper play!  He is enjoying it and he is doing really well.  This week he got a great hit and finally got to touch home plate! 
Travis and I definitely get our fill of comedic entertainment each week.  Grandma and Grandpa have been able to come watch him several times and next week Gram will be in town and will get to see him play!

I can't even stand how cute he looks in his uniform! 

 His biggest fan!

 Warming up for the big game!

Getting ready to hit!

Tyler is starting basketball at the Boys and Girls Club soon!  He is super excited about it and we can't wait to watch him play!  


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