Saturday, April 25, 2009


I got a new camera for my birthday and have been playing around with it the last couple of days. It takes great pictures, but I'm still trying to figure everything out. Here are some fun pics of Cooper this week.

Classic Cooper- This picture pretty much sums up my week!

This is Cooper's sweet side. It's one extreme or the other with this boy!

Playing outside with Daddy.

Being attacked by the tickle monster.

Caution: New Driver in town!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Trip to Virginia!

This past week we traveled with my parents to Virginia to visit my sister and her family. We left bright and early on Monday morning and came home Saturday evening. Unfortunately last Saturday before we left I came down with a stomach bug and wasn't feeling that great. And even worse is I must have carried the bug with us because Christine's entire family got sick! All three of her boys were sick although Will and Reese seemed to recover quickly. Poor little Luke was having a hard time getting over it and was still sick when we left. My mom called to check on us on Sunday to make sure none of us had gotten sick because Christine and Kyle both got sick after we left! But inbetween all of the sickness we did manage to have fun! We celebrated Tyler's 3rd birthday while we were there, remodeled two of the Hoover's bathrooms, had a girls shopping day, and played a lot of rockband! The boys had way too much fun and it's probably a miracle that we didn't have any trips to the ER while we were there. Will, Reese and Tyler shared a room while we were there and were caught red handed jumping from Reese's bed to Tyler's air mattress while they should have been sleeping! They all played well together and really didn't have to many quarrels between them. Thanks mom and dad for a great trip!

Tyler riding the park and ride bus to the airport. They got to ride the bus, the train to a different terminal, and the airplane all in one day! A 3 year old boys dream come true!!!

When you have a 21 month old kid in your lap for 3 hours you get a little bored! We had some fun with the peel and stick stickers!

Tyler and Gram reading Curious George on the plane.

The Hoover's have a bounce house for their church and so we pulled it out a couple of days for the boys to let out some energy!

Tyler and Will jumping!

Align CenterWe headed over to Chuck E. Cheese for Tyler's birthday celebration. Travis was supposed to be helping Cooper play games and this is what I found- Travis playing a video game and Cooper watching. I thought Chuck E. Cheese was for kids?

Tyler and Chuck E. Cheese go for a ride.

Reese riding Clifford.

Tyler opening presents. He was really excited about his camera.


The boys picking out their favorite color of playdough.

Cooper LOVED the pizza! I think he ate more pieces of pizza than I did!

Cooper waiting for our airplane.

Papa and Cooper go for a walk in the airport!


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