Thursday, September 11, 2008


is totally ruining my weekend! I have had a girls weekend planned with my college roommates for awhile now and IKE is totally ruining our plans. We were supposed to head to my friend Callie's house in Katy on Friday for a weekend full of fun sans kiddos! Obviously our plans had to be canceled because of IKE making that turn towards Houston. UGH! After a long week with Travis away in Ecuador I was really looking forward to some girl time- to enjoy a conversation without kids interrupting or wanting to be held, to get our nails done which is a special treat for me, and to go out to eat and not have to cut up someone's food! And I do have perspective- I know people are in danger and people's houses are in IKE's destructive path. I don't want anyone to experience danger or have their houses destroyed, but I'm still bummed I'm missing out on what would have been a great weekend!

I almost evacuated last night with the boys, but Travis wasn't going to be able to leave with us because of work. So I decided against it. We are definitely staying now because traffic is already getting really bad and I don't want to sit in traffic for 8-10 hours just to get to Tyler which is normally a 3 hour drive. Our friends have a generator so we are going to hang out with them when we lose electricity and have a little party. Tyler will probably think it is the greatest thing that ever happened. We are expecting lots of rain and high winds. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is the big trees we have in our yard and the potential for them to be uprooted. Say a prayer for us and even better, pray that IKE would head east of us so we will be on the clean side of the storm.

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