Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is where we stayed in Quito the first and last night.

Just another random sight we saw on the 5 hour drive down to the jungle. Ecuador is definitley 3rd world and we saw some crazy sights. One of these cows ran in to the back of an 18 wheeler about 5 seconds after the picture was taken. It wasn't seriously injured and we laughed about it for about 5 minutes.

It was a beautiful drive with lots of mountains, rivers and waterfalls. There are 3 waterfalls off in the distance in this picture.

This is the bridge that we drove over every day to get to the work site. It was a shady looking suspension bridge held together with rebar, some steel, and the guardrail was chicken wire. You could see the bridge go up and down as a car drove over it. We weren't disappointed when we said goodbye yo it. Lots of prayers were said crossing the bridge.

This was our sweet ride. An 11 passenger rental van that we nicknamed "The Shock" due to the fact that it had none. The building behind us was our hotel in Misahualli. It was $23 per person per night and it included 3 meals. The food was exceptional.

This was Corolla's house in the jungle before we started. Unfortunately, my camera pooped out on me and I didn't get any after pictures. I'll try to get one from the other guys and post it. Suffice it to say that it was quite the upgrade from where she was living and it was probably the nicest house that we saw in the area.

This was the crew just before we started on day 1. The shack behind them is where Corolla and about 7-8 kids lived before they moved in to the new casa.

Zac tiling the shower.

Corolla's old house

Another suspension bridge that we tried fishing under in Misahualli. It made the other one look like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Brian under a sweet pink mosquito net in our room in Misahualli. We were loaded up on mosquito spray all week to try to keep the malaria away. The mosquitos weren't that bad though.
The mean streets of Misahualli

A herd of monkeys crossing the streets in front of our hotel.

A little squirrel monkey hanging out.

We stopped at this school in an Quichuan indian village and talked to them and the teacher for a while. They sang us a song in their native Quichan language.

We stopped at a "zoo" in the jungle which was really a hospital for sick or injured animals. We had a guide take us around and show us all of the animals. This was a Trumpeter bird called Trumpy that followed us around on our tour. He was cool.

This was Tim, Zac, and I at the Swiss hotel on our jungle tour day.

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Christa said...

Hey Sarah. We have some friends about to move to Quito Equador to work with YOuth World which is specifically a ministry to street boys. I am going to email them a link to these post, I am sure they would enjoy seeing it.
What a neat experience...our friends have a blog called If that does not get you there you can find the Bryans through my blog just incase you want to follow up.


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