Monday, November 16, 2009

Boys Room

The entire house had popcorn texture on the ceiling and the first thing we did was get rid of it! It was a very messy task and this is one thing I actually helped with before getting pregnant. I looked like a ghost every night from all of the dust coming off of the ceiling. I felt like we were never going to finish the ceilings because after scraping the popcorn texture we had to go back and prep the ceiling for new texture. Travis then came in and sprayed a new texture on it before we primed and painted it. It was a LONG process, but I'm so happy that the popcorn is gone! On to the boys room:

Before pics:

After pics:

We painted the walls and the trim throughout the room. We also pulled up the carpet and put wood floors in their room. That is really all of the cosmetic changes we did in their room.

Another shot of their beds. I still need to find a rug to put in their room. I haven't been able to find one that will work yet. I still haven't figured out what to put on the walls adjacent to their beds. I've tried a couple of things and they just haven't looked right. I'll figure something out!

We pretty much used all of the decorations we had in Tyler's room at our old house. We used the oar to hang the curtains instead of just hanging it on the wall. Please excuse the curtains- I still need to steam them and get the wrinkles out!

A shot of their "bulletin board" and the bookcase Travis made.

Kitchen Remodel

Here are some more pictures of the house for all of those people who have been bugging me to put more up- Christine!

Before I start I can't take all the credit for our kitchen. Last summer before we moved I knew we were going to be remodeling. I was already stressed with moving and the thought of having to pick out everything for the house was overwhelming me. I had lots of ideas, but was having trouble narrowing them down to a cohesive plan. That is when I found Layla at the Lettered Cottage. I asked her to help me with some of the rooms in our house and she did a fabulous job. One of the rooms she helped me with was the kitchen. She basically gives you ideas of how to get the look you want and then you implement her ideas. It was really fun and Layla did a great job! Here is one of the pics she sent us for our design plan.

Anyway, here are some before, during, and after shots. I'm only letting you see half of the kitchen today because the breakfast area is still incomplete. We are picking up my sister's old kitchen table over Thanksgiving because ours is WAY too big for the space. I'm going to refinish the legs on her old table and I think it will work perfectly in the space!

Before shot of the kitchen. They had actually put in new cabinetry which is really nice- we just didn't like the color scheme, tile floors, or ceilings!

Here you can see the WEIRD before tile floor. They had two different color tiles that met in the middle with this zig zag alternating each color tile.

Another side of the kitchen. You can peer into the family room from here.

From the kitchen looking into the breakfast area and sunroom. I'll show you what we did to cover up that horrible ceiling fan alcove.

Here is the kitchen during renovations. We (Travis and his dad) busted out the backsplash and tile floor and installed a V-groove ceiling to cover up all of the weird stuff going on with the ceiling and the popcorn texture.

Another picture during the renovation.

The After shot. The top cabinets got painted a white color while the bottom cabinets are a light green. They are Benjamin Moore colors Polar Frost and Spanish Olive to be exact. We put in granite counter tops and new brushed nickel hardware that we found on ebay for cheap! My favorite part of the kitchen is my farmhouse sink. I had to beg and plead to get this, but I ended up finding a really great deal online and Travis agreed! Travis rearranged the can lights on the ceiling to spread them out and give us more light throughout the kitchen. All the appliances were fairly new and matched the refrigerator so that was a plus! We originally planned to paint all the trim and cabinetry ourselves throughout the entire house, but we decided against that idea. We figured that is was going to take WAY too long for us to do it ourselves especially since I couldn't help after I realized I was pregnant. And since we were living with his parents during the remodel and we wanted to move in the house in this century we decided it was worth shelling out the money for painters! We were able to save some money in other areas of the remodel so it all worked out in the end!

A closer look at the farmhouse sink.

Another view. I still need to figure out curtains for the kitchen window. I just haven't had the time! My other favortie part of the kithen is the antique scale I found at an antique shop this summer. It's on the left holding the bananas.

That's all for now! I'll post pictures of the boys room later today.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who Cleaned?

So the house has pretty much been in a state of chaos since we moved in. Boxes everywhere, toys everywhere, and stuff everywhere. It's been exhausting unpacking and just keeping up with daily laundry and cleaning. I actually did very little cleaning because of all the stuff everywhere- just enough to get by. Well, this weekend Travis took the boys hunting which allowed me to finally have an extended period of time to focus on getting this house organized and cleaned up. I actually got a lot accomplished and feel like things are finally coming together. So when the boys came home I went out to greet them and Cooper wanted me to walk inside with him. As we walked inside the first thing Cooper said was, "Who cleaned?" I about died laughing. You know your house was in bad shape if your two year old asked who cleaned when he walked in the door.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Before we moved here I looked up anything and everything I could get the boys involved in. I found out that the FBC had AWANA and I knew that I wanted Tyler to be apart of it. I signed him up at the beginning of the year and he has loved it! The first few weeks were hard because he was unsure of himself and didn't know anyone, but it's amazing what a little bribe of a lollipop or some chewing gum will accomplish! He loves it now and has many friends in his class.

Tyler has learned around 11 bible verses so far and surprises me with some of the things he is learning. He has earned all of his patches so far and we promised him we would do something very special with him at the end of the year if he worked hard and learned all of his verses. I'm so happy he is learning God's word at an early age and I pray that it will be apart of him for the rest of his life. Sometimes it is hard during the week to get Tyler to be serious and learn his verse, but he always manages to know it. Cooper also has learned quite a few of them and often chimes in telling me the next part of Tyler's verse when Tyler is goofing off and won't repeat the verse! We are so proud of Tyler for learning God's word!

Cooper also goes to AWANA. They just started a 2 year old program for AWANA, but they don't have a workbook and don't memorize verses this year. They have done some great things in his class though and he is also learning a lot between AWANA and his preschool. I love my boys and am SO proud of them for making the adjustment with the move and having to go to new schools and churches. They really are doing well and have made lots of new friends.


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