Friday, August 27, 2010

Florida Fun

A couple of weeks ago my parents generously took our family along with the Hoovers to Florida for some family fun! We had a blast and we made great memories with everybody. We played on the beach, swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub, took naps, collected seashells, built sand castles, had a scavenger hunt, flew kites, jumped the waves, played cards, and of course ate our fair share of food. Here are some pictures from the week in no particular order:

All of the boys love Claire! They gave her lots of attention throughout the week.

Family Picture- the best we could get with 3 kiddos! Of course we waited until the last day to take pictures and it rained so we weren't able to take pictures on the beach like we had planned.

The house we stayed in was awesome. It was three stories and had an elevator. Here are all the boys taking a ride down on our way to the beach.

Love this picture of Claire and me. I never seem to make it in any of the pictures so I'm glad we got one together.

Family pic on the balcony overlooking the beach.

Gram and Claire

Papa and his girl

Gram and Papa with all the grandkids. We took so many of them and this was about the best we could get!

The awesome house we stayed in right across from the beach.

Gram and Papa with the kiddos overlooking the beach.

Will LOVES baby Claire and wanted to hold her on several occasions and paid special attention to her all week. He is so sweet to his baby cousin.

The boys got a taste of what it's like to grease up a hairy, sweaty man with sunscreen. The girls were out shopping and my dad caught the boys lathering each other up. Classic!

The boys playing at the beach.

Having a blast on the beach

All the guys relaxing in the hot tub. Ha!

Luke is too cool for school in his shades.

Will and Reese. Love this picture Christine captured with their goggles.

Claire soaking up the attention from the boys!

I love this picture of Papa after being buried in the sand.

Will being buried on the beach. You can almost hear the giggles.

Burying Papa on the beach

Thanks Gram and Papa for a wonderful vacation!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a Stinker!!!

This afternoon Claire was in the Jumperoo and started to fuss, so I went over to pick her up. I immediately smelled something funky and turned her around to find this...

OH. MY. WORD!!! I rushed her to the changing table- the clothes went to the washer and Claire went straight to the bath. This was the aftermath...

Claire will probably kill me one day when she sees this! Sometimes I just have to laugh or else I would be crying all the time!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Tyler started Pre-K this morning at a new school. He and Cooper will be attending the same school this year. Tyler walked in and never looked back. He wasn't nervous or hesitant at all. I know he is going to love it and learn so much this year. He will go four days a week and I'm already enjoying only having two kiddos this morning. Cooper will start tomorrow and attend two days a week.

Tyler and Daddy before school.

Tyler and Mama

Everything packed and ready for school!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Months!

Claire is 4 months! Time is flying by with this precious baby girl. Claire had a rough week a couple of weeks ago. She had been extremely fussy for a couple of days and then started running fever one night so I knew something was up. We took her to the doctor and sure enough she had an ear infection. They thought she might have a UTI, but luckily all of the cultures came back negative. She is feeling much better now and hopefully we won't have too many of those pesky ear infections with her. Yesterday she had her 4 month appointment and she is growing so much! She weighed in at 14 lbs. 9 oz (75%) and was 25 1/4 inches (75%). The doctor also gave us the go ahead on rice cereal because she hasn't been sleeping well and has been showing signs that my milk just wasn't enough. Last night she slept awesome after having her cereal so I feel confident it was just what she needed! She fills those cheeks up to tide her over through the night!

Claire is such a great baby and is as laid back as they come. She just goes with the flow and loves any attention that comes her way. She has the most beautiful smile and we love her so much! We think she is just the most beautiful baby girl, but we might be a little bias! :)

The boys love to watch her eat her cereal.

Sweet baby girl!

Not wanting to cooperate.

Showing off her beautiful smile!


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