Saturday, September 06, 2008

Future Pilot

Yesterday afternoon we went to hang out with some friends to watch football. Their neighborhood was also having a special event for kids to come see a fire truck, ambulance, police cars, and a medical helicopter. We took the boys and met his friend Sam up there. Right as we got there the Fire Truck left, but we did get to see and hear them turn on the sirens as they were leaving. Tyler didn't really care about the ambulance so we took him to see the helicopter. He thought it was pretty cool and enjoyed getting to sit in it. Afterward we went to their house to cheer on the Aggies and grill out. Tyler had so much fun playing with his friend, Sam.

Posing for a picture together.

Tyler sitting in the back of the helicopter.

"Flying" the helicopter. The first thing he said when he grabbed the controller was, "Papa has to fix it". Anytime something is broken he says this and I guess since it didn't make any noise or light up he thought it was broken!

Good friends walking back to the car.

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