Monday, September 22, 2008


This is Day 10 without power and we are waiting as patiently as we can, but I'm SO READY to be home! I know crews are working day and night just to restore our power and for that I'm very thankful. Travis went home on Wednesday morning to start cleaning up our yard and return to work (as much as he could anyway). He has worked very hard cutting up trees and limbs that fell in the yard and getting everything cleaned up before we come home. He has been hanging out with our friend, Tim, who stayed the entire time during and after the Hurricane. He has a generator so I think Travis has been hanging out over there a lot. They went to the A&M/Miami game on Saturday to get away and have some guy time, but it was probably just as depressing as sitting in the dark with no electricity!

So I'm still in Tyler with the boys and they are having a good time, but I'm just ready to be home and back into our normal routine. We had just started up normal fall activities- mother's day out, bible studies, etc. when we were interrupted with IKE. Plus, I don't have my car since Travis left on Wednesday in it! Therefore I'm pretty limited in getting out of the house which means I'm going a LITTLE stir crazy! I did take my dad to work on Friday so I could borrow his car and take the boys somewhere fun and get out of the house for awhile. On Saturday we all went to the East Texas State Fair and let the kids ride some rides and see the fine people of East Texas! They had a really good time and we discovered Cooper LOVES the merry-go-round! He had a blast!

To be continued...

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The Guess Family said...

I wish I had been keeping up with my blogs, we probably could have seen you. We were all in Tyler on Friday and Saturday visiting Tommy's family. I tried to talk Tommy into the fair, but he too vividly remembers the $20 we spent in 5 minutes when the carnival came to town here and he said "No Way"!!!

We had been in Dallas visiting family, and were supposed to meet the McClures and Kuykendalls at Great Wolf Lodge, but IKE ruined that!!!! I was so sad, we were really looking forward to that hotel and seeing them.

Hope you get power soon!!!



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