Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mom, What is This?

Yesterday, I headed to the beach with a friend and all of our kids.  We had the best time and it was a perfect day for the beach.  At one point, Claire was eating some crackers and she just dropped them right in front of us.  Well, we knew the seagulls would come attack them soon so I grabbed them and threw them near the water.  It just happened to be near where Beau and Tyler were playing.  The seagulls flew over and found the crackers.  All of a sudden Tyler comes running up with what I thought was wet sand on his face.  He asked, "Mom, what is this?"  When he got a little closer, I realized what it was- Bird poop!  Brooke and I started laughing uncontrollably to the point of tears.  Through my laughter and tears I grabbed my phone for a picture!  During this time, Tyler kept asking, "Mom, what is it?  What is it?  It just fell from the sky."  

We finally calmed down and cleaned him up.  He had a great attitude about it the whole time and gave us some great entertainment.

My only picture from the beach:


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