Monday, September 15, 2008

The wait is on...

for electricity that is! We are still in Tyler waiting for our electricity to be turned back on. According to our friends, we have no phones, electricity, or water and cell phone service is very sketchy. So we are staying put for now. Our house made it through the storm okay, but we have some major trees in our yard that were uprooted. I'm just thankful that none of them hit the house. According to our friends, our backyard is a really big mess. We are very anxious to return to our house to see the damage and begin the cleanup, but things at home are very crazy from what we hear. People can't get gas or groceries because there is no electricity. Some of our friends drove to Huntsville last night (45 minutes north) just to buy gas. Travis might head back sometime this week to try and get things cleaned up before power is restored and things at work get crazy. But the boys and I are staying put until power is restored. I have heard estimates of 2-3 weeks for some areas around The Woodlands because Entergy suffered "catastrophic failure"- whatever that means!

It is a pain to be away from home and not be able to go back, but we are so thankful that our family is together and safe and our home was protected. Any of those trees could have easily fallen on our house. We have heard from several friends that had trees on their house including my grandparents in Kilgore. Praise God nobody was injured.

By the way, my friend IKE ruined another girls weekend I had planned for the end of September. Our women's retreat for church was supposed to be at the Nassau Hilton down in Clear Lake the last weekend of September. That's not so much going to happen now. I'm sure they will just postpone it and possibly change locations, but come on, this girl needs some time away!

I'm sure I won't be blogging much until we get power back. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are okay and how our house weathered the storm.

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Kelsey and Charlie said...

I'm glad y'all are safe and are gonna stay cool in Tyler. It's such a relief to hear nothing happened to your house.


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