Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Look Who's Walking!

Cooper started walking! He really started getting good while we were in Tyler for our "hurrication". He is doing fabulous and is even standing up on his own. Walking has really helped in the whining too! He is much happier now that he can keep up with everyone. He is such a sweet boy and is doing terrific. The past two times I dropped him off in the nursery there was not one tear! He usually throws his big bottom lip out and has a good cry. They have said he has done great this past week in the nursery! Yippee!!! He is also really trying to talk. He can say (at least we can tell what he is saying) Mama, Daddy, Ball, Duck, Tyler, Elmo, Dog and a few others. He is growing so fast- almost 15 months old! I can't believe it. I'm falling more in love with him everyday! By the way, can you tell by his shirt that he is teething???



Callie said...

YEAH!! Now he can run away from you. Go Cooper go!!

Lauren Dempsey said...

Congrats Cooper!

Dana said...

Yea for Cooper! So glad he's a happy camper now that he's on the move. He's such a sweetie!!!