Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today Tyler rolled Cooper into the Laundry Room in his walker and he closed the door behind them, so I decided to play Peek-A-Boo with them. As we were playing, Cooper started laughing the hardest I've ever heard him. So I ran to get the camera and caught him in action. Turn up your volume pretty high so you can hear. Sorry for my annoying voice!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A, B, C.... Easy as 1, 2, 3

Tyler loves working his ABC puzzle he got for Christmas. He can work the entire puzzle by himself. Sometimes he puts the letters on spaces he knows that the letter doesn't belong and says "NO" (you can see him doing this in the video). He is also starting to learn his letters and has surprised us with how many he knows. He knows A, B, O, P, R, U, Y, and Z. Here is a video of him working his puzzle last night.

Triple Hookup


Heath with a nice 33" red!

Hooked up with a nice red

28" Red

Not too bad a day, eh?

Hello everyone! Travis here. I like to take over the blog from time to time an post various things that don't involve adorable kids. Last weekend, 3 friends and myself took our 3rd annual fishing trip down to the thriving metropolis of Seadrift, TX. We went down on Saturday and fished through Monday. We got down late afternoon on Saturday and did some pond fishing at Grandpa's pond in Port Lavaca. We caught a lot of fish, but nothing too big. A cold front blew through Saturday night and we thought it was going to be rough fishing on Sunday as winds were forecasted at 15-20 mph. We woke up Sunday to beautiful skies and low winds. We took Grandpa Johnson's old boat "The Folly 5" that he gave to Ross and I and took it out to the bay. We were either lucky or good, but the first place we stopped we fished and caught fish all day there. We caught about 30 keepers.This is the first time we actually had a good trip when we guided ourselves so we were pretty happy about that.

Sunday night we went to Bayflats Lodge in Seadrift. They run a really nice operation and it is always fun to go there. We had a dinner of duck, baked potato, and salad with a dessert of cheesecake. Not exactly roughing it. We fished from 6 until 4:30 and caught our limit of reds and then some along with 23 keeper trout and a flounder. It was a lot of fun hanging with the guys. Thanks to Sarah for letting me go :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Could I be any Cuter?

I'm cute even with my fuzzy hair!

I love this sweet face!

Playing on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Click on this picture to zoom in and check out the crazy hair! Now do you see what I'm talking about?

Can you tell Cooper LOVES to swing!



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