Friday, September 12, 2008

We Bailed!

Okay, so we bailed at the last minute. Last night Travis and I decided that if the traffic wasn't bad that we would go ahead and come to my parents house in Tyler. The news was freaking me out and my dad kept calling and asking, "What are you guys doing?", "What is the news saying down there?" and I just started getting nervous. We had already decided that once the stormed passed we would probably be heading up here anyway because we will be without power for awhile. So we decided to just go ahead and come. I knew I wouldn't get much sleep because I would be worried about my boys. There are some very big trees near the boys rooms and that makes me nervous with the forecasts stating that the winds would be anywhere from 75-110 mph even where we live. The traffic wasn't bad at all and we made it here in record time. I feel good about being out of the storms direct path and hope we only feel minor effects from the wind at our house.

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Nicole Hoff said...

Glad y'all are ok. My mom and grandparents live in Palestine, just south of Tyler, and said they got some pretty crazy winds and rain even there! Take care and see y'all in the valley soon. ps. i hope you get your "girls weekend" soon-i know how important that time is!! <>< Nicole


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