Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Houston Livestock Show

Gram and Papa were in town watching the Hoover Boys so I thought it would be fun to take the boys to the Houston Livestock show. Papa didn't think this was such a great idea, especially once we got there, but I think everyone ended up having a great time. Here are some pictures from Saturday.

Here are the boys at the beginning of our day, ready for some action!

Will anxiously awaiting his turn to ride the pony.

Will loved riding his pony. He got put on the biggest pony and eventually got up the courage to wave to Gram and me. (Notice Papa- he seems to be enjoying himself)

Gram and Reese watch Will ride the pony.

While Will rode the pony, Travis took Tyler to play in the hay. What a boy!!! He loves being in the dirt!

Waiting for the pig races.

Tyler as a rodeo clown. He got a lot of laughs from the people around us.

Reese was so pooped out by lunch, he fell asleep while drinking his milk.

The little boys on the way home.

Will on the way home.


Gram said...

Wow--great pictures of our FUN DAY at the livestock show!!!! Aren't those boys cute!

Great Aunt Sherry said...

You need to get that boy some boots!

Matt and Kim said...

I saw Travis's comment about hoping our house sells faster than yours. Guess you guys still have yours on the market. We need to get together soon and we can catch up about everything including houses!



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