Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

After a nice, relaxing weekend Tyler brought me back to reality way to quickly! He went to bed without a fight, but woke up around 1 am and would not go back to sleep. I went upstairs to check on him and I gave him some Tylenol and rocked him. He would go to sleep on my shoulder in the rocking chair and I would lay him down in the crib. About 15 minutes later he would wake up crying. We did this several times and about 2:45 I got desperate and made him a warm bottle. He drank the whole thing and went back down, but 15 minutes later was crying. I came back upstairs and rocked him some more but he did not want to get in the crib. I tried laying with him in the guest room bed, but he did not like that either. So by now he was hysterical and since nothing else was working I put him in his crib crying and he calmed down in less than 5 minutes. He finally went to sleep around 3:30. This morning he woke up around 7:45 and I went upstairs and he was really hot. He woke up with a mild fever. I think it is all from teething because I can see several teeth on the top that are trying to pop through. I gave him some Tylenol and by naptime his fever was down. He is napping now and will hopefully sleep well today. I think I might need to catch a nap this afternoon after getting very little sleep last night!


Anonymous said...

I hope Tyler is better. I could tell he was getting more teeth, as he kept his finger in his mouth alot this weekend. I hope you get caught up on your rest Sarah. He was too cute for words!!! Love, Grandma J.

Christine said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Tyler's trip to Harlingen. Sorry about the teething thing. Reese is also getting all four molars right now so he's got something in his mouth at all times...for some reason he prefers his shoes.


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