Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blocked Tear Duct

Tyler was born with two blocked tear ducts, which basically means his eyes would get really gooey especially after sleeping. Anyway, most blocked tear ducts will clear up on their own by the time the baby is a year old. One of Tyler's eyes cleared up a while back, but his left eye has remained blocked. Today we went to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist to get his eye evaluated and we were there for 2 hours!!! Tyler did so well but towards the end he was getting really restless. They dilated his eyes to make sure there wasn't something else causing the blockage. He said everything looked normal, but Tyler is going to have to have a procedure on April 27th to clear the blockage. Because he is over 10 months old he is going to have to be under anesthesia. The anesthesia part is the only thing that makes me a little nervous, just because he is so young. The actual procedure is very routine. So you can all be praying for Tyler that everything would go smoothly.

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