Thursday, March 08, 2007

11 months!

Tyler is 11 months today! I can't believe next month we will be celebrating his first birthday. But I'll have to say I'm ready for him to enter this next phase of his life- walking! He watches the bigger kids around him and wants to do what they are doing so badly, but he needs to be able to walk first. I bought him his first pair of shoes yesterday! He doesn't seem to mind them. He really is starting to develop more of a personality too. He has started to tease Travis and me. When we go get him up from naps he dives into the corner and pretends he is going to sleep. It's really funny to watch. Here are some pictures I've taken in the last week.

Practicing his sign for Milk.

Tyler's first experience with sand.


Feeding a leaf to Crockett!

Playing after his bath. Censored to protect the innocent!!!


Christine said...

I see he still has his man claws

aunt kim said...

Those pictures are so cute. Ross is having a bad day at work today, so this will cheer him up!!! We find out April 11th if Tyler is having a boy or a girl cousin!

Kelsey said...

I love his little cap and his new shoes! Snazzy! I miss him too much!!

Gram said...

Is he all boy or what!! He's such a character!


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