Sunday, March 25, 2007

Guys Weekend

This past weekend Travis, Ross, and Tyler went to Harlingen for a guys weekend and to get in some last minute hunting. I was excited because this meant I had a free weekend to myself. They left on Friday at noon so I got my haircut and used a spa gift certificate I have had for almost a year. It was great and nice to get pampered. On Saturday I slept in and did some shopping. I also fit in a trip to the grocery store and a baby shower. It was nice to have a weekend to myself but by Sunday I was definitely ready to see my boys!

I don't think any of the boys were excited about a 6 hour car ride to Harlingen, but in preparation for the weekend Travis and I bought Tyler a portable DVD player for the car for his 1st birthday. I think they watched several videos several times and Travis said by the end of the weekend he should be able to sign in complete sentences from watching his signing video so many times. When they got to Harlingen Friday night, everyone was excited to see Tyler and Tyler was excited to be out of the car. They let him stay up an hour after his bedtime because he was having a blast playing outside with everyone. Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnson had come over to see Tyler as well. Saturday Tyler even attended a wedding shower for Kyle and Rachel with Grandma. After the shower they headed to the King Ranch to join the boys who had been hunting all morning. I think everyone had fun this weekend and here are the pictures to prove it. Thanks Uncle Lynn for allowing the boys to go hunting on the King Ranch.

Riding Daddy's old John Deere tractor with Papa.

I don't think Tyler got any attention this weekend!

The Johnson Boys and Travis' Nilgai (an Indian antelope)

Tyler and Grandma playing on the porch.

Tyler and Daddy ready for the big hunt.

Tyler with Grandma and Papa sitting on the Jeep.

Tyler is ready to learn how to hunt.

The Johnson boys with Ross' Nilgai

On the trip home. Ross and Tyler fell asleep in the exact same position.


Great Aunt Sherry said...

You still need to get the boy some boots..........

Tell Travis he really got a good nilgia, I'll be waiting for the steak invitation.

Kelsey and Charlie said...

Looks like Tyler had a great time! I love his smile! I miss it! I look forward to seeing y'all this next weekend. Give us a call when you want to get together.


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