Monday, March 01, 2010

Trip to Kilgore

Last Thursday we headed to Kilgore to spend the day with my grandparents. It was a beautiful day and the boys love playing in their big backyard. Cooper remembered hiding easter eggs the last time we were over there, so the boys asked to hunt easter eggs. Papa and I "hid" them for the boys and they ran around picking them up. They did this numerous times and it wore them out!

Cooper hunting eggs.

The boys hiding their eyes.

Tyler looking for his eggs.

Showing off their stash. You can see in the picture how hard Papa and I hid the eggs. The funny thing was the boys would run right by some of the eggs because they had spotted some further out in the yard.

After we went back inside to warm up, Great Gramm found an old tea set and we decided to have a tea party! The boys loved pouring their "tea" in the cups and we only had to refill the teapot a thousand times! They had some crackers with their "tea".
Tyler sipping his tea.

They had some teddy bears join them at their party.

Great Gramm watching over Cooper as he poured his tea.

Cooper enjoying his party.

Concentrating hard so he wouldn't spill.

The boys played the rest of the afternoon. Here they are taking everyone's orders:
Tyler serving Grandpappy.

Grandpappy sending his coffee back because he didn't want sugar!

The boys with their great grandparents.

This picture was taken after everybody (including grandpappy) woke up from their naps. They all look like they are zoned out!


Anne said...

The boys look like they are having such a great time. My grandparents lived on the Magnolia Petroleum 'camp' when I was little. I have years of pictures and memories from their house in Kilgore in the late '50's. My daddy and granddaddy even petted Rudolph there on Christmas Eve when I was 5. I was so mad because they didn't make him wait on me. said...

Anne, sounds like someone loved you enough to provide the essentials for some truly wonderful childhood memories.


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