Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Transformed

In the past couple of months we have been working on the exterior of our house. It was much needed in my opinion! So after finally getting some new windows installed in the back of the house we had the painter come back and paint the outside of the house. Here is what our house looked like when we bought it. It was not attractive, but I saw potential! We installed a new garage door because the old one was falling apart and ripped all of the landscaping out. They had a desert type landscape and it just wasn't our style and actually was kind of dangerous with the kids. They had tons of landscape rocks in the flower beds and cactus and sharp plants galore.

So after painting different samples on the bricks ourselves we agreed on a lighter brick and darker trim. The painter worked on it during the week I was in Tyler with the boys. I was DYING to see it so Travis sent me the following two pictures and I freaked out! I didn't like the trim at all! It didn't look like what I remembered from the sample and I was very disappointed. Travis kept trying to reassure me, but I was not happy with it at all!

When I got home from Tyler I looked at the brochure from Home Depot that had our paint selections on it and it took me about two seconds to realize the painter used the WRONG trim color! We hadn't picked such an awful color after all! So we called the painter and much to his dismay he came and fixed it the following week. We also decided it would be better to paint the garage door the same color as the brick. The painter also stained the doors for us. Travis (my personal handy man) built, painted, and installed some wood shutters and here is the final result:

I think it looks so much better. We are still trying to figure out how we want to landscape the yard or better yet how much we are willing to spend! Once we put landscaping in I think it will really make it feel homey and cute.


Flo said...

I think it looks great, Sarah. And when you guys finish off the landscaping, it will finish off everything! I'd love to see a total before/after photo shoot of the entire house... : ) You guys did such a great job. We are definitely about to do an exterior paint job/new roof/landscaping job on our house, BUT.....we'll do that when the budget allows! Ugh!!! Hate waiting....

Flo said...

PS> LOVE your front doors.