Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break around here which meant the boys didn't have preschool. On Spring Break lots of people take vacations, plan activities for their kids each day, or maybe even go to Disney World. Around the Johnson house this Spring Break we didn't do any of those things. Instead I decided to torture myself and do this:

My goal this week was to get Cooper potty trained! I knew this was my chance to get it done before Claire got here and the thought of having two kids in diapers again made me want to cry. It also made my wallet cringe! Our schedules were cleared and the boys were out of school. I also haven't been feeling great the past couple of weeks with sinus and allergy problems so I wasn't motivated to get out of the house anyway. The first part of the week was a disaster! I would sit him on the potty and he would just goof off and not go and then 5 minutes later he would pee in his pants. He has used the potty several times before bath time so I knew he could do it, he just didn't want to. But I was determined to get this done, so I persevered. There were several times I just wanted to give up and just put him back in diapers, especially the time where he peed in his pants on my new rug! I had just about had it yesterday afternoon and I left to go run a couple of errands. When I got back Travis informed me that Cooper had pooped on the potty! I was so happy and that gave me the motivation to keep going. Today he has done really well. He has only had one accident. We are still working with him about recognizing when he needs to poop, but overall he is doing well. We will see how he does once he goes back to school. I'm just worried about him being too shy to tell his teacher he needs to go potty.

Today I took Cooper to Dairy Queen to celebrate him being such a big boy and telling me when he needs to potty.


Eric said...

we need to talk about this potty training thing... we tried it today... BRUTAL!! dribble on the potty and flood on the floor was our theme. But at least he was interested.

Coop totally scored with that ice cream. that bowl is as big as his head. wish I lived in the johnson home.

hope you are feeling better

Fleming Family said...

This is too funny to read--I know it wasn't funny while it was going on. Yay for Cooper getting the job done afterall!


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