Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bachelor Week

Sarah and the boys went to Tyler this past week which left me as a bachelor for 10 days. I used this time to get in as much hunting and fishing as possible before Ms. Claire shows up. I met my fishing buds from Houston last weekend in the big city of Seadrift for a couple of days fishing at Bayflats lodge. It was a great time with some great guys. Thanks to Sarah for letting me go and for the Flemings for helping watch the kids. Here are some pics of what we did.

A cold day, but lots of fun
Heath with a big red on the lure he designed. They are for sale soon!
We waded from 7 till 5. Pretty good workout!
Telling fishing stories(Lies)
Box full of reds
Fishing makes Jeremy hungry!
Heath with a nice stringer!
Stinky old boar I shot at the farm. We have caught or killed 20 so far!
We went hog dogging in Columbus but couldn't track any down.Those dogs were incredible! I wouldn't want one of those pit bulls after me. They are beefy.


Sarah said...

I have to apologize for Travis' picture of that disgusting hog. Gross!!!

Travis said...

What are you talking about? At least he smiled for the picture!

Kelsey said...

You can tell that I come from a family of hunters b/c it didn't even phase me.


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