Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Cooper decided FINALLY to sleep through the night! Rejoice with me people- this is the first time in 3 months I have had a good, complete night of sleep. He went to bed around 10 and didn't wake up until around 5:45. I went in to give him his pacifier and I had to wake him up at 7:15! Yippee! Let's just pray this sleeping through the night is here to stay!


Matt, Kim & Caleb Ege said...

Girl, I can give you an AMEN for that! Congrats on your full night of sleep! By the way, I still need to make that trip over to see you guys. I'll give you a call.

aunt kim said...

Congratulations!!! I am patiently (yeah right) waiting on my full night of sleep.

Grandma Cheryl said...

Yea! I can remember how tired I was after allll these years!!!