Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Star of Bethlehem

During my last few years at Texas A&M, Rick Larson started giving a presentation on campus about the Star of Bethlehem. I heard many great things about it, but never had the opportunity to attend. He is a lawyer by trade, but was also a management professor at A&M. I had the privilege of having him as one of my professors while studying business at A&M. The other night Travis and I started talking about the birth of Jesus and we started talking about the presentation. I decided to look it up and I found the website here and saw that it was going to be aired on TBN later that evening. We set the DVR to record it and watched it the next evening. It was AMAZING!!! He uses Astronomy software and scripture from the Bible to prove that the Star of Bethlehem was real. He goes into great detail and also covers some interesting events regarding the death of Jesus as well. It will leave you speechless and with a greater respect and reverence for God. It will be airing again on December 16th on TBN. Check your local listings and set your DVR! You will not be disappointed!!!

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