Friday, December 17, 2010

Broadway Star

As I said in a previous post, Travis recently starred in the musical "Oliver". If you are at all familiar with Oliver, Travis played the part of Mr. Bumble. Last weekend I took the boys to watch him perform and they loved it! Cooper was especially mesmerized by the whole production. Travis did an amazing job as well as the entire cast. Travis' boss, Dr. Leibert, started a non-profit organization to bring wholesome entertainment to Harlingen. Dr. Leibert approached Travis about being a part of the production and Travis agreed, thinking it was going to be a small part. Dr. Leibert had Travis in mind for the part of Mr. Bumble from the beginning, which is a major part. He had at least three songs and many lines. I was nervous for him! Everyone commented on how out of character this was for Travis to do something like this, but I'm so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and being involved in bringing something like this to the community. Travis really enjoyed it, but we are glad it is over. I felt like a single mom for several months due to all the rehearsals. The last month they had rehearsals at least 4 nights a week and Saturday mornings. But the hard work paid off. Here are some pictures I took from the night I took the boys. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a video of any of the performance due to the contract they signed with the company who owns the right to the musical.

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Fleming Family said...

Hurray for Mr. Bumble! Maybe Travis can sing for the Morgan Christmas:)


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