Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who Cleaned?

So the house has pretty much been in a state of chaos since we moved in. Boxes everywhere, toys everywhere, and stuff everywhere. It's been exhausting unpacking and just keeping up with daily laundry and cleaning. I actually did very little cleaning because of all the stuff everywhere- just enough to get by. Well, this weekend Travis took the boys hunting which allowed me to finally have an extended period of time to focus on getting this house organized and cleaned up. I actually got a lot accomplished and feel like things are finally coming together. So when the boys came home I went out to greet them and Cooper wanted me to walk inside with him. As we walked inside the first thing Cooper said was, "Who cleaned?" I about died laughing. You know your house was in bad shape if your two year old asked who cleaned when he walked in the door.

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Christine said...

I need to see pictures!!!


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