Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Here are some more pictures of the house for all of those people who have been bugging me to put more up- Christine!

Before I start I can't take all the credit for our kitchen. Last summer before we moved I knew we were going to be remodeling. I was already stressed with moving and the thought of having to pick out everything for the house was overwhelming me. I had lots of ideas, but was having trouble narrowing them down to a cohesive plan. That is when I found Layla at the Lettered Cottage. I asked her to help me with some of the rooms in our house and she did a fabulous job. One of the rooms she helped me with was the kitchen. She basically gives you ideas of how to get the look you want and then you implement her ideas. It was really fun and Layla did a great job! Here is one of the pics she sent us for our design plan.

Anyway, here are some before, during, and after shots. I'm only letting you see half of the kitchen today because the breakfast area is still incomplete. We are picking up my sister's old kitchen table over Thanksgiving because ours is WAY too big for the space. I'm going to refinish the legs on her old table and I think it will work perfectly in the space!

Before shot of the kitchen. They had actually put in new cabinetry which is really nice- we just didn't like the color scheme, tile floors, or ceilings!

Here you can see the WEIRD before tile floor. They had two different color tiles that met in the middle with this zig zag alternating each color tile.

Another side of the kitchen. You can peer into the family room from here.

From the kitchen looking into the breakfast area and sunroom. I'll show you what we did to cover up that horrible ceiling fan alcove.

Here is the kitchen during renovations. We (Travis and his dad) busted out the backsplash and tile floor and installed a V-groove ceiling to cover up all of the weird stuff going on with the ceiling and the popcorn texture.

Another picture during the renovation.

The After shot. The top cabinets got painted a white color while the bottom cabinets are a light green. They are Benjamin Moore colors Polar Frost and Spanish Olive to be exact. We put in granite counter tops and new brushed nickel hardware that we found on ebay for cheap! My favorite part of the kitchen is my farmhouse sink. I had to beg and plead to get this, but I ended up finding a really great deal online and Travis agreed! Travis rearranged the can lights on the ceiling to spread them out and give us more light throughout the kitchen. All the appliances were fairly new and matched the refrigerator so that was a plus! We originally planned to paint all the trim and cabinetry ourselves throughout the entire house, but we decided against that idea. We figured that is was going to take WAY too long for us to do it ourselves especially since I couldn't help after I realized I was pregnant. And since we were living with his parents during the remodel and we wanted to move in the house in this century we decided it was worth shelling out the money for painters! We were able to save some money in other areas of the remodel so it all worked out in the end!

A closer look at the farmhouse sink.

Another view. I still need to figure out curtains for the kitchen window. I just haven't had the time! My other favortie part of the kithen is the antique scale I found at an antique shop this summer. It's on the left holding the bananas.

That's all for now! I'll post pictures of the boys room later today.


Lettered Cottage said...

WOW! It's SO crazy to see my drawing come to life! Your kitchen is STUNNING! I am BLOWN AWAY! :-)

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you!


SMccracken said...

hey lady! i love TLC and read it religiously! love your kitchen - great stuff!!!!

Flo said...

OK, lady. You and I have very similar taste! LOVING the farmhouse sink...I"m wanting one as well! WHERE did you find 'the deal' on it? We're about to renovate yet another house, this time one that we'll stay in for a while. : ) keep the pictures coming!

Callie said...

UH-MAZ-ING! This looks soooo good! Tell Travis great work! Seriously - can I bring Carson and the twins down this summer to go to the beach :)??? I just want to sit in your kitchen :)!

Christine said... looks awesome!!!!! I love the kitchen alot alot.

Lauren Dempsey said...

I need something to hold my bananas...not an upright hook but a lovely scale solution like my creative friend, Sarah!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great job it all looks so beautiful. I can't imagine how much work it was. We're going to start on ours within the year so I'll have to talk to you. Love the hallway you did too, very Pottery Barn. Can't wait to see what's next. We're very excited about your new little one arriving soon. The boys are adorable, growing up fast. Enjoy this time it will fly by. Tell Travis hi!
Love, Ann Gordon

Kelly said...

Love the kitchen, Sarah! Looks like something from a magazine!

Fleming Family said...

The kitchen looks wonderful! Such a huge difference from the "before" Travis did such a good job!

kuykendall_family said...

I love your kitchen. Your house is so perfect! Keep posting pics!

Remodelaholic said...

This kitchen remodel is awesome! I feature great DIY project and would love to show this off. Would you consider coming and doing a special guest post about it?

If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you the details!


Poulin Home Design said...

You did an amazing job!! Your kitchen is stunning. I'm so impressed. thanks for sharing with us
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