Monday, November 16, 2009

Boys Room

The entire house had popcorn texture on the ceiling and the first thing we did was get rid of it! It was a very messy task and this is one thing I actually helped with before getting pregnant. I looked like a ghost every night from all of the dust coming off of the ceiling. I felt like we were never going to finish the ceilings because after scraping the popcorn texture we had to go back and prep the ceiling for new texture. Travis then came in and sprayed a new texture on it before we primed and painted it. It was a LONG process, but I'm so happy that the popcorn is gone! On to the boys room:

Before pics:

After pics:

We painted the walls and the trim throughout the room. We also pulled up the carpet and put wood floors in their room. That is really all of the cosmetic changes we did in their room.

Another shot of their beds. I still need to find a rug to put in their room. I haven't been able to find one that will work yet. I still haven't figured out what to put on the walls adjacent to their beds. I've tried a couple of things and they just haven't looked right. I'll figure something out!

We pretty much used all of the decorations we had in Tyler's room at our old house. We used the oar to hang the curtains instead of just hanging it on the wall. Please excuse the curtains- I still need to steam them and get the wrinkles out!

A shot of their "bulletin board" and the bookcase Travis made.


Flo said...

what kind of wood floors did you put in and did you find a deal anywhere on them? lovin' it all!

Fleming Family said...

Everything looks great! You had some really neat ideas and the boys room is so neat! Can't wait to see all of you Sunday...


Anonymous said...

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