Friday, November 06, 2009


Before we moved here I looked up anything and everything I could get the boys involved in. I found out that the FBC had AWANA and I knew that I wanted Tyler to be apart of it. I signed him up at the beginning of the year and he has loved it! The first few weeks were hard because he was unsure of himself and didn't know anyone, but it's amazing what a little bribe of a lollipop or some chewing gum will accomplish! He loves it now and has many friends in his class.

Tyler has learned around 11 bible verses so far and surprises me with some of the things he is learning. He has earned all of his patches so far and we promised him we would do something very special with him at the end of the year if he worked hard and learned all of his verses. I'm so happy he is learning God's word at an early age and I pray that it will be apart of him for the rest of his life. Sometimes it is hard during the week to get Tyler to be serious and learn his verse, but he always manages to know it. Cooper also has learned quite a few of them and often chimes in telling me the next part of Tyler's verse when Tyler is goofing off and won't repeat the verse! We are so proud of Tyler for learning God's word!

Cooper also goes to AWANA. They just started a 2 year old program for AWANA, but they don't have a workbook and don't memorize verses this year. They have done some great things in his class though and he is also learning a lot between AWANA and his preschool. I love my boys and am SO proud of them for making the adjustment with the move and having to go to new schools and churches. They really are doing well and have made lots of new friends.


Christine said...

way to go tyler!!!!!

Kelly said...

That looks like a cool program! I've never heard of it.

Fleming Family said...

Hurray for Tyler and Cooper learning Bible verses! Gram and Pa Pa are so proud of you!

PS--love the vest with the patches!


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