Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Cooper's teeth have not come through in the "normal" order and therefore he has a hilarious smile right now. I've been trying to get it on camera for awhile and this is the best I've gotten. Click on the picture to zoom in and you can get a great look at his smile!


Kelsey and Charlie said...

That's too funny, but he makes it look adorable!

The Berg Family said...

Hey Sarah,

I don't have your email address (I need it), but I wanted to send this along to you about Kellie Hick's mom. The more prayers the better!

Hi everyone.
Kellie asked me to send out an update/prayer request for her. As she told you a week or so ago, her mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Since then, the Doctors have told them it's terminal. Mrs. Hicks will have surgery on Thursday morning at MD Anderson in Houston to remove what they can. They will try to
get the rest with chemo and radiation following the surgery. Please pray for Mrs. Hicks, and for Kellie and the rest of her family. As you can imagine
this is a very scary situation. We know God still works miracles and that is what we are praying for.
First, for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. That the side effects from the surgery would be minimal if any at all. Next for the road ahead. Total and
complete healing! Pray also for God's peace and comfort to each of them as they walk through this.

I know Kellie is so thankful for each of you! She told me she wished she could call all of you personally. I will do my best to get updates out as soon as I receive them.
Thank you for your prayers and support!


Lauren Dempsey said...

i see some boogies and crumbs too...


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