Friday, October 31, 2008

Back on the Market

Yes, you read the title right! Our house is back on the market. We got a call from our realtor today and he let us know that the people who had signed the contract to lease our house for 18 months have decided that aren't going to lease it after all. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The reason was that they wanted to put their 14 year old daughter in private school and just couldn't afford to do that and pay the rent on the house. I have so many words that I want to use to describe these people, but I think I will refrain because this is a family friendly blog. I just cannot believe that this is happening and that they are such idiots and didn't think about this before they signed a contract and put a security deposit down. The only consolation to us is that we get to keep their security deposit. Whatever, I would rather not have the money and have my house taken care of. I AM SO MAD!!! Travis and I are just so furious and so confused. I mean seriously, can anything go right with this whole move? I think most of all I am so mad that people are going to start calling again to see the house. I'm not going to lie, my housekeeping skills have gone down hill since we signed the contract and haven't had people coming to see the house! I'm off to go scrub toilets and mop floors. Yippee.


Callie said...

oh girl, i am soooo sorry! this stinks!

Lauren Dempsey said...

sweet sarah! sorry about the outcome of the renters decision. glad you can be authentic about your feelings and vent via blogspot. thank you blogspot!!

love you and will say a pray now for the "housing crisis".

love you!


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