Thursday, June 26, 2008

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

These pictures are not even staged! Cooper loves to crawl into the carts and stand or sit there while he plays with the cars and trains. This train table and train set are one of the best gifts for these boys! They absolutely love playing with the trains and having Mama or Daddy set up a new track for them. I haven't written much about the boys lately so I thought I would write what I love about each of them right now:


  • He is talking so much right now! I love it and love hearing new phrases come out of his mouth on a daily basis. Some of my favorite phrases from him right now are- "It's hot outside isn't it?", "Not ye-ye-yet.", "I did it", and "Thank you, Mama".
  • He is such a sweet boy and is learning how to play nicely with Cooper. He has been doing so much better lately and is learning to take turns with Cooper and his toys.
  • He loves to tickle all of us and to be tickled!
  • He loves to pray at dinnertime. He reaches out his hands when we say it's time to pray and loves to say "Amen" at the end.
  • I think he has finally entered into a stage of jealousy that you usually see when a new baby comes around. He wants a kiss if I get a kiss from Cooper. Or he wants to sit in my lap if Cooper is sitting there. But I just enjoy the hugs and kisses when I can get them!
  • Cooper can be such a sweetheart. Lately, he has been putting his head on my shoulder and loving on me. He will do it over and over and I love it!
  • He has been getting better and better at playing independently and not having to be held or have my 100% attention. Part of it is that Tyler is playing better with him and hasn't been so mean and physical with him. But today they were both crawling around the dining room in between the table and chairs laughing away. I love when they entertain each other!
I love my boys so much and I'm so blessed to be their mom!

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Callie said...

Yeah!!! A blog update! I'm lovin' it!! Hmmm...wonder what the big news is???


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