Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cooper's First Haircut!

We decided it was time for Cooper's first haircut. His hair was just getting a little too wild! It was growing over his ears and the back was starting to look like a tail was forming, so this afternoon Travis and I gave him his first haircut. He looks so precious and so grown up! Here are some pictures to show you his adorable new look.


Dana said...

What a cutie! Love the new do!

The Berg Family said...

So I am just catching up on all of my blogs and read your Dave Ramsey post. Michael and I have been doing his plan for 2 years and I listen to him everyday in my car. We love that we feel our money is free to be used in whatever way God wants because we are not slave to the lender. We turned down buying a new bigger house because we are learning the difference between a need and a want. All we NEED is a roof over our heads and God in our heart. Thanks for sharing... love your boys. I need to meet them someday.


Kim and Ross said...

I am going to miss that crazy hair!!! He has such a cute smile.