Friday, June 27, 2008

Green Acres is the Place to Be...

Farm living is the life for me!?! That's right people, I said farm living is the life for me. Well, now anyway. That is the big news from the Johnson Family- we are moving to Harlingen so that Travis can work with his Dad and uncles on the family farm. I'm sure you are just as shocked as everyone else we have told, but Travis and I have no doubt that this is what we are supposed to do.

Here is how all of this came about. About a month or two ago Travis couldn't sleep one night and told me the next day that he was up thinking about the farm and it was just on his mind for some reason. I pretty much dismissed this conversation and went on with my life. Well, a week or two after that the farm came up again and we started talking about the farm as well as Travis' current job with Zac. Travis absolutely loves working for Zac, but we have definitely seen a slow down in contracts coming in. We started discussing the viability of the company and the reality of how many contracts they actually have for the next year. We realized and confirmed by talking to Zac that if things didn't start picking up Travis would probably be out of a job. So we started praying about what we should do. Travis felt God was leading him to go home and farm so we really started praying for clarity and direction. Was this really what God was asking us to do?

So we kept praying and Travis approached his dad about possibly coming to farm. They talked one night when we were in Harlingen and he gave Travis some details about what might happen if we did decide that this was what we wanted to do. Travis relayed this information to me and I really felt like God was pushing us in this direction. One night while we were there God gave us total confirmation that this is what we were to do. I was laying in bed one night thinking about everything and a verse came to my mind out of nowhere. Deuteronomy 6:18 came to my mind. I had NO idea what this verse said but I just prayed that it would speak to our situation. The next day I looked up the verse and this is what it said:

"Do what is right and good in the Lord's sight, so that it may go well with you and you may go in and take over the good land that the Lord promised on oath to your forefathers!"

I couldn't believe what I read. I went and found Travis and told him about everything and we agreed we had our answer. I'm still amazed at how God chose to speak to us and give us such clear direction. He has never spoken to me in such a clear and specific way. I'm just still in awe and I will NEVER forget that verse in my entire life!

So from then on I have had no doubts that we are doing the right thing. And any fears or concerns I have about it are completely relieved because I know this is God's will for our lives. How could I have any doubt when he chose to speak to us like that?

We are definitely sad about leaving great friends and our amazing church behind. And we are very sad about being further away from my family. But we know this is what God wants us to do so we are jumping in with both feet. We feel like everything we have been going through (not selling the house, being on a strict budget, etc) have been preparing us for this move. We really need to sell the house now, but we feel like God is going to completely take care of that. I'm honestly not worried about it at all. You can be praying for our house to sell and for decisions that need to be made on the farm regarding us coming in. Well, that's our big news for now. I know a lot of you already know, but I'm sure there are some people out there who are just now finding out. I've got to go dig out my old pair of overalls now!


Carly said...

I saw Richard and Cheryl last night @ at an Algodon party and they told me the news. Tell Travis that the Burns' are VERY excited about ya'll coming. I got the goose bumps because I know how thrilled Richard & Cheryl are. Your boys are all around the same age as our kids and we are REALLY looking forward to having another mommy to play with! Harlingen is going to treat you right, Sarah, we're getting a Texas Roadhouse and Circuit City - so we are definitely on the upswing! LOL!
Seriously, I am thrilled with the news and I think the way you God moved you guys to this decision is so amazing. God will Bless your little family! - Carly (Burns) Thomas

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how excited we were to hear from cheryl last night that ya'll are moving down here!! Ya'lls story is amazing and we couldn't be happier for ya'll!! Our two sets of kiddos are the same age so I'm super excited for Beau to have a tractor playmate out here on the farm!!! We are here to help ya'll move down in any way!! Levi couldn't believe it and is super pumped to have Travis coming down to farm!!! Please let us know how we can help your transition down here easier!!! Brooke Burns!! Levi told me to make sure to get his cell # to Trav so here it is. 956-535-7525!! Can't wait to see ya'll!!!

Christina said...

Hooker... you have been busy. I feel like I just checked your blog the other day. What in the world... you are crazy updater. Loving it though.
I really enjoyed your comments on what you were loving about the boys... so cute!! Can't wait to see what God does with your new move!! Watch out for snakes... uhhh... creepy.

lauramurtha said...

OK, so you guys know how I feel about this move....I'm very sad for our closest friends to leave. But, I'm so delighted that God is calling and you are obeying. I know what a great feeling that is. Plus, you'll never get rid of us because Tyler is betrothed to Natalie! We'll just have to make sure they have regular visits over the coming years so that they don't forget about each other. And when they're about 18 (I'd say earlier, but this ain't Arkansas), they can get married. And then me and Sarah can be grandmas together! What a lovely thought! I love you guys!

Sam McClure said...

Sarah~I am so excited for you! How incredible that the Lord spoke to you so clearly. We will be praying for you! I'll miss seeing your sweet face at church, but am so blessed to know that you are walking in the Lord's will!

The Berg Family said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Being a Harlingen girl myself I definitely have mixed feelings about the place. It is a long way from Tyler and Spring, but I know you know that. Your story gave my goose bumps and we all wish God spoke that clearly all the time. Maybe now we will see you and the kids when we visit my family. Good luck and I will be praying for your house to sell.

Nicole Hoff said...

What a great testimony! There are some really great things about living in the Valley, and I love raising my boys in Harlingen. You will too! If you have any questions or need anything let me know. Nicole Hoff

Ang said...

Wow! We'll be praying for y'all. It's exciting to get such direction from God, isn't it? It amazes me any time He chooses to speak to me like that.
Love you all!