Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pink Eye and More Snakes

People have been demanding more posts lately, but we just haven't been doing much this week. We went to Harlingen a couple of weeks ago, but I'm waiting on Aunt Kelsey for some pictures (so Kelsey if you are reading this, you better send me some pictures!) This is a very random post so bear with me.

Tyler has pink eye AGAIN! UGH! He had it about a month ago and then Cooper got it a couple of weeks ago and now Tyler has it. So now we are treating both of the kiddos with hopes of keeping it away for good!

We also had another snake around here on Sunday! AAGGGHHH!!!! Travis had the boys outside and I was at the kitchen table working on my grocery list when Travis yelled at me to come get the boys. With the tone of his voice I knew it had to be another snake. This time the snake was in the garage already back behind where we put all of the boys toys! Travis saw the tail of it but by the time he got the shovel and started looking for it he couldn't find it! It still freaks me out to go in the garage because I'm still scared it's going to be in there! Plus my car is parked on the side where he saw it.

Anyway, that's all for now. Stay tuned for some big news from the Johnson family... and no I'm not pregnant people!!!

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