Friday, February 02, 2007

Update on the Little Guy!

Well, today has been a little bit better for Tyler. He is at least drinking pedialyte (and keeping it down) and this afternoon I gave him some bananas and that was successful! He has also had a few cheerios. I'm not forcing anything though, because I'm so scared it's going to come back up. You should have seen the laundry pile last night after yesterday's chaos! Tyler has been sleeping almost all day long today. He woke up at 6:30 this morning which is an hour earlier than usual and drank pedialyte and we watched his favorite Baby Einstein video. By the end of the video he was ready to go to sleep. Since then he has been up maybe an hour or two all day. My biggest fear is that he won't sleep at all tonight because he has been sleeping all day!!! But I'm pretty sure he will. You would think with him sleeping all day that I would be motivated to get things done around the house, but I haven't gotten one thing done all day!!! It's truly pathetic. I guess I am growing a baby, that should count for something, right? Well, I lied, I did just balance the checkbook. Does that count?

By the way, Tyler is getting another tooth on the bottom! I think it is so exciting that he is finally getting some teeth. The doctor said she could see the teeth buds getting ready on the top too! I can't wait to see a mouth full of teeth!

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Matt and Kim said...

Sorry Tyler's sick. Since we just did bronchitis a few weeks ago with Caleb, I now know how pitiful a sick baby is and how you can't stand to see them sick. Matt and I were talking about calling you guys to see if you had Super Bowl plans, but we'll try to get together another time soon.


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