Thursday, February 01, 2007


Tyler started feeling bad on Tuesday and by Wednesday had major snots! This morning after breakfast (luckily still sitting in the high chair) threw up everything he had just had to drink and eat! What a way to start the day. He since has not been able to keep anything down- even Pedialyte which is supposed to help keep them hydrated. We went to the doctor this afternoon and he is already working on a double ear infection. They said he has so much congestion that he is gagging and can't keep any food down. It is so sad. He has been sleeping for almost three hours this afternoon which if you know Tyler is highly unusual. He even has been letting me rock him which he never does. The doctor sent us away with a prescription for his ears so hopefully that will clear up and not develop into a major infection. From talking to my friends at church, it sounds like something is going around the nursery right now. I guess it is just that time of year!!!


Aunt Kim and Uncle Ross said...

Give Tyler a hug for us. That does not sound like fun. I hope he feels better.

Aunt Kelsey said...

:( That makes me sad! I hope he feels better soon.


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