Sunday, February 11, 2007

Domestic Diva

Ladies, I have trained him well! Last week during the chaos of Tyler's sickness, the kitchen was an absolute mess at the end of the day. Travis came home from work and started cleaning it up. I was very glad and impressed that he did this on his on initiative. So I told him he was a "Domestic Diva". He didn't understand what I was referring to, so I went and got the "Domestic Diva" apron his mom gave me for Christmas and put it on him. He looks great in pink, especially washing the dishes. For all of those bloggers Travis has been bugging about being more manly, this picture is for you!

1 comment:

Josh the Gladiator said...

You girly man! I'm not sure you are going to be allowed to enter the paint this year in basketball. Maybe you can just hang out around the perimeter like Mark and wear your neon pink apron.


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