Friday, February 09, 2007

10 months!!!

Well, we have all survived this miserable week! We are all feeling better and now we are celebrating 10 months of having Tyler around. He is growing so fast and doing so much. Some of his newest skills at 10 months are:

  • Tyler has been helping us get him dressed. He has learned to put his arm through his shirt which doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it is HUGE since getting him dressed is an almost impossible task due to his active nature.
  • He has started to bear crawl where his hands and feet are on the floor but his tummy and booty are up in the air.
  • He has started letting of go of objects that he is holding onto and will stand up to 10 seconds before sitting down. He is very strong and sometimes he will stand and clap for himself.
  • He has started using sign language to communicate to us. I have been trying to teach him some signs and I even bought him a video to teach him basic signs. He has been signing "All Done" after his meals, and I swear the other day he said, "Ah-Duh" as he was signing it.
  • He will dance/jump on command. His dancing and jumping are all the same move. Let's just say he got his dance moves from his daddy!
  • He is jabbering more and more and his favorite thing to say is "Da-da". I'm not sure that he is associating this with Travis yet, but Travis gets a kick out of hearing him say this. He also recognizes when we say Crockett. He will look for him by the back door when we say his name.
Here are some pictures I took throughout the day. Enjoy!

Drinking out of Daddy's glass at dinner.

Getting in a workout on the treadmill.

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Aunt Kelsey said...

I love his little jeans!!! He's so handsome!


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