Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Boy

I love this picture I captured the other day. Cooper must have been napping because he would have definitely wanted in on the fun.

Tyler has a special friend in his class named Lily. She lives in our neighborhood and goes to our church. She is the cutest little thing. He colored a picture for her the other day and we left it in her cubby. She then gave him a silly band in the shape of a "T" for Tyler. So today he said he wanted to make her some more pictures and he wanted to put it in our mailbox and let the postman deliver it. I tried to talk him into just putting it in her cubby at school, but he refused. So I helped him write a note to her so she wouldn't get a random picture in the mail from him. He wrote most of the letters himself and he was so proud!

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sebrister said...

Love this picture, and what a thoughtful young man. That is charming!