Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silly Kids

The kids are constantly saying things that crack us up. On Sunday I was sitting on the couch with Cooper looking over the Sunday ads out of the newspaper when he said, "Kmart Smart!" I looked at him and asked him what he said. He pointed at the lightbulb on the Kmart ad and again said, "Kmart Smart!" We just died laughing. I didn't even know that was their slogan and couldn't remember the last time I saw a Kmart commercial, but their advertising sucked in my 3 year old!

The other day Tyler came home from school and asked if I knew how to get to Beau's wrench? I was totally confused, but I knew Beau's family often goes to their family ranch, so I asked him if that is what he meant. Yes, his ranch. I guess they had been discussing it at school.

I love when they mispronounce words. Tyler calls granola bars chewnola bars and it cracks me up every time he says it.

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog yet, but Travis is going to be a part of a production of Oliver Twist. His boss is one of the directors and convinced Travis to do it. He plays Mr. Bumble and he has quite a bit of speaking lines and 3 songs! Well, one night Travis took the boys to play practice and they came home singing, "Halibo, Halibo!" instead of "Oliver, Oliver!"

Lately, we have been talking with the boys about eating healthy foods and we often tell them certain foods will make you grow big and tall like Daddy. Well, yesterday, an A/C repairman came by the house to take a look at some stuff. We were talking with him and his teenage son and something came up about how Tyler was going to be tall and Tyler shouted, "Yes, because I eat a lot of lettuce!" We all had a good laugh!

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Fleming Family said...

I can't wait to see them and let them crack me up!!


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