Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lamp Makeover

I've been looking for lamps for our bedroom for probably over 6 months, but every time I would find something it would be way more money than I was willing to pay or it would be the style I liked and the wrong color. Well, a few months ago I came across this design blog that I liked and she did a tutorial on how to paint lamps. After I saw this I was on the hunt for some inexpensive lamps to paint! I searched Marshalls and TJ Maxx high and low, but didn't fall in love with any that I saw. I was hunting for something like these Potter Barn lamps, but I definitely didn't want to pay the $100 they were asking for each lamp base.

One day I was in Target and spotted a great lamp. It wasn't in the regular lamp aisle, it was in one of the special decorating aisles. And all of you regular Target shoppers know that those aisle ALWAYS go on clearance at some point. So I waited and waited and waited. Every time I was in Target I would go down that aisle to see if my lamps were on clearance. Finally the other day I saw the big red clearance sign hovering above my lamps! I grabbed two and put them in the basket excited for my next project. They were $25 each! Great deal for a lamp. I went and bought the needed spray paint supplies and got to work right away. Here is the before:

And Afters:

I love how they turned out and especially for the price I paid! I think I need to add one more coat of the gloss sealer to make them a little bit more glossy. I love having lamps in our bedroom and the way it warms up the room with a soft glow. Now I just need to finish the rest of my projects for the Master Bedroom!


Anonymous said...

They look great! I love them.


Jessi said...

AWESOME job! Can't wait to see how the fit in with the overall Master Bedroom redo!

Fleming Family said...

Great job, Sarah! I can't wait to see them! You're becoming quite the decorator!


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