Monday, April 12, 2010

What's that saying?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! My family is going to get a huge kick out of this story about Cooper, but first I need to give you a little background into my life growing up. I was THE PICKIEST eater you have ever met! There are many stories that my family just loves to tell about my antics with food. For instance:
  • One day there was the hot dog incident where I took a bite of hot dog and wouldn't swallow it for hours, and I actually liked hot dogs.
  • My dad once moved the couch from against the wall to find a stash of Flinstone vitamins that I had taken out of my mouth and thrown behind the couch.
  • My elementary school served up cinnamon rolls that were DIVINE! They sold them for a quarter and in order to get one you had to eat your main course and show the teacher once you had finished so you could go get in line for a cinnamon roll. Well one day they served up chicken fried steak and I decided I would rather have a cinnamon roll so I chunked the whole chicken fried steak under the table when the teacher wasn't looking and raised my hand to go get a cinnamon roll. She let me get up and as I was coming back to my seat she was asking around to see who threw the steak under the table. I think she was interrogating some poor little innocent boy. I sat quietly enjoying my cinnamon roll and was never caught!
Anyway, so this leads me to today. The boys and I were running around all morning and we get home in time for lunch. The boys requested their usual lunches- Cooper asked for chicken nuggets and Tyler wanted peanut butter and jelly. I fixed lunch and the boys found some Sprite left over from Tyler's party and asked if they could have it. I said that was fine and they began eating while I fixed something for myself. After Tyler had eaten most of his lunch he asked if they could have some candy from the pinata at the party. I told them that they had to finish ALL of their lunch before I would let them have a piece of candy. So after a few minutes Cooper comes over and tells me he had finished his lunch. I went to go inspect his plate and it appeared as if he had finished all of his chicken. I noticed he had spilled some Sprite on the table and as I began cleaning up I noticed this....

Cooper had stuffed the remaining pieces of chicken into his can of Sprite creating the mess that was on the table. So I continued to clean up his mess and told him that he didn't get any candy because he didn't obey me and he lied about it!

I guess I'm just getting paid back for everything I put my poor parents through! I'm sure my family will have plenty of comments about this post. Bring 'em on!


Christine said...

That is awesome! I'm glad your creativity rubbed off on your children. And your sweet tooth!

sebrister said...

You told it all so well. I had a good laugh, but I know it wasn't as big as Dana's, Larry's, and Christine's. :)

Fleming Family said...

This is too funny! Cooper was so smart to think of putting the chicken in the can!


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