Saturday, April 10, 2010

Party Time!

Today we celebrated Tyler's 4th birthday with a "Lightning McQueen" party! He was very excited and kept asking this morning when his friends were going to be here. We had pizza, cake, a bounce house, and a pinata! The kids had a great time in the backyard jumping in the bounce house, playing in the sand box, and climbing in the tree house. I was totally exhausted this afternoon because we have been working really hard this week trying to get some things finished on the house, getting everything ready for Claire, and getting ready for the party. It feels so good to have the party behind us! Now I can have this baby!!!

The main table outside decorated with the boys "Lightning McQueen" toys.

Tyler in front of the bounce house waiting for his friends.

The cake! I made his cake and it only took me 3 hours to decorate yesterday! It turned out really cute, but oh my gosh it took forever. I hope Tyler knows how much I love him!

Tyler trying out the bounce house! We had a bloody nose before the party even started. Tyler and Cooper ran into each other and Tyler got a head to the nose!

Daddy even got in on the action!

Cooper playing in the bounce house!

The kids enjoying some pizza on the deck.

Tyler's friends Lilly and Ashley chowing down.

Tyler ready to blow out the candles.

Cooper began asking right after breakfast when we were going to eat cake. He finally got come and was stuffing his face!

Tyler opening presents after everyone left. He got lots of fun trucks and pool toys.

Cooper had a VERY hard time understanding it was Tyler's birthday. I think he opened half of Tyler's presents for him. Luckily, Tyler was very gracious and didn't mind that Cooper was opening presents with him.

Opening the last of the presents!

We have the bounce house all day so the boys are still out in the backyard jumping around. Bedtime should be pretty easy tonight! :)

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sebrister said...

Looks like a really neat, fun party! Yes, I sympathize on the cake decorating. My hands and back would hurt so badly before I finished. One year it was a Holly Hobby cake, and I made it while I suffered from a sinus infection. Ouch!

Everything looked wonderful. :)


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