Saturday, March 28, 2009

Costa Rica

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Costa Rica! We spent most of our time at the beach, but a couple of days we stayed at the hotel and hung out at the pool. At the main beach in Quepos they have a ton of vendors lined up at the street selling jewelry, sundresses, ceramics, towels, etc. Ashley and I went one morning and found some fun stuff. Vendors will even walk the beaches trying to sell their goods which can get annoying, but it provided some great entertainment as well!

The food was somewhat interesting, but we ended up finding some good places and our favorite we hit up twice. It was more expensive than what we expected, but we were also in a very touristy area.

The guys went sail fishing one day while Ashley and I shopped and hit the spa. Travis will have to blog about their fishing trip.

Overall it was a great trip and we rank it up there with our honeymoon. It was definitely full of relaxation and no worries which is what we were craving. We definitley missed the boys, but we know they were well taken care of and definitely spoiled by my parents. Thanks mom and dad for watching the boys!!!

If the guys weren't exploring or fishing, they were found in the shade reading...

while the girls were soaking up the sun!

Ready to go out for dinner.

Me buying one of many snowcones I had at the beach. They were delicious and it was refreshing on those hot Costa Rican beaches. They would make a regular snowcone and then pour sweetened leche on top. Hmmmm!

A view of the main beach in Quepos.

Tim and Ashley at our farewell dinner!

Tim and Ashley's meal at the first restaurant we ate at. UGH!!! We quickly discovered that Costa Rican's leave the heads on fishes and the legs on shrimp. If you know me, you know this totally grossed me out!

Travis and me on our last day at the beach.

Tim and Ashley ready for dinner.

Travis and me at our farewell dinner.

Me enjoying a nice fruity drink poolside before dinner.

Tim and Ashley before dinner.

This lady would carry this tupperware container on her head for hours yelling, "Cheeecken Empenadas!" She would start around 10:00 in the morning and wouldn't stop until late afternoon. I'm not quite sure how fresh they were and how often her tupperware container was restocked.

Front of the hotel.

The view from the pool was magnificent.

Travis reading one of his many books on the beach.

View of the ocean from the main beach.

Travis getting ready to go fish off of the kayak.

On the way to the hotel from the airport the driver stopped over this bridge known as "Crocodile Bridge". There were tons of crocodiles in this river and the driver said they will eat cows and big animals (or spectators) that get too close!

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