Friday, March 27, 2009

Canopy Tour

We FINALLY made it back home from Costa Rica today after a few mishaps in our travel plans. We missed our flight coming home on Wednesday afternoon and then got delayed by 3 hours on Thursday and finally made it back to Tyler last night around 8 to pick up the boys. We have a ton of pictures to sort through so you will be getting multiple Costa Rica posts. We had an absolutely wonderful trip- full of relaxation and a total escape from reality! Just what we needed!!! These pictures are from our trip to tour the Jungle via ziplines. Ashley and I weren't totally sure that we wanted to do this (especially since there were 7 kids at home waiting for us to come back), but the guys were sold. When we first started discussing it they told us we would be about 30-40 feet high and then once they talked to the hotel guy it increased to 60 feet. Well wouldn't you know when we get to the tour they tell us we will be 125 feet above the ground!!! I was probably the one that least enjoyed it because my harness was rubbing me in the wrong areas and it wasn't comfortable at all!!! But everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly!

Don't be jealous of our sexy outfits!

Ready to go!

Travis repelling straight down off of a tree.

Not so sure about this whole repelling thing!

Are you sure about this?

Ashley on her way down.


This was one of the scariest parts. There are about 15 people standing on these wood planks around a tree and then you use a tarzan swing to get across to another tree with wood planks around it.

The landing was only 100 plus feet in the air. No big deal!

Travis swinging across.

Not so sure about this swing.

I'm really not sure about this swing!

Here I go!

Screaming the whole way!

Ashley was a little frightened as well!

Tim acting like it's not a big deal.

Here I am on the zipline. There were 10 ziplines total.

Travis finishing strong!

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Kelsey and Charlie said...

I'm so glad y'all had fun! Canopy tours are great, but I was a little scared of standing on those wooden platforms, too. Not a fan of heights! Can't wait to see more pics!


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