Friday, March 06, 2009

Camping Out

Last weekend Travis took the boys to hang out in Port Lavaca and visit family there. He let me have a much needed weekend to myself after working so hard packing and moving. It was much appreciated!!! Anyway, the boys got home Sunday afternoon as soon as they walk in Tyler starts asking to set up his tent. We don't have a tent so I'm wondering what in the world he is talking about. Grandma Johnson sent a Thomas the Train tent home with the boys and Tyler thinks it is the best thing ever! That night as we were getting the boys ready for bed he asked to put his bed inside the tent. When we told him no he go so upset. The boys have a great time playing in the tent and they have several toys that they drag in the tent to play with. Thanks for the tent, Grandma!

1 comment:

Callie said...

yeah!! I am so glad you are back to blogging again! And my word...those boys are BIG! I got your msg and I need to call you's been too long since we've talked!!


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