Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

On Thursday morning we packed up the kids and all of our junk and made the 7 hour drive to Oakville to spend Thanksgiving with Travis' family. We were all glad to get out of the car once we arrived. Most of our family knows my great love for Oakville, for all of you others I will share the story. The first year we were married we spent Thanksgiving with Travis' family. They always go to Oakville and spent the long weekend at a house that has been in my mother-in-law's family for many years. Travis' grandmother lived there as a young girl and the house has remained in the family, but no one currently lives there. Over the course of the long weekend there are up to 50-60 people that come and hang out. Most people camp out in tents on the land or find a spot in the house to sleep. One other thing- only one bathroom!!! Remember 50-60 people come and hang out. Since then they built another bathroom on the outside of the house. So back to our first year of marriage. My in-laws had pity on me and rented a hotel room for the girls in Travis' immediate family, but the last night there weren't enough people sleeping in the house to justify spending that last night in the hotel. So I slept on an aero bed in the living room of the house. Let me insert something here: During the day we had seen several mice running around the living room floor, so some mouse traps were set. The house also has wood floors. Back to the story: So that night while trying to fall asleep I hear SNAP (the mouse trap) and beating against the wood floor (the mouse trying to get out of the trap). Well, later that night I feel something move across my neck. Of course I totally freaked out!!! I swear that it was a mouse, but of course Travis and everyone else likes to give me a hard time and try to convince me otherwise. Since that time everyone gives me a hard time and everyone in my family wants to see pictures of the house and where we stay. So here you go!

The boys absolutely loved every minute they were there! They had so much attention and they could just run wild outside. They rode four wheelers and Tyler went hunting with the guys (he rode in the truck). Tyler was so upset when we told him we had to go home. The boys were completely exhasuted from the week. They slept most of the ride home and then Tyler asked to go bed at about 6:30 last night! Unfortunately we got some sad news when we got home. Travis' grandfather passed away yesterday afternoon. It wasn't totally unexpected, but it was still hard to hear all the same. So we will be back on the road tomorrow afternoon to attend the funeral. His grandfather was a wonderful man and we will be celebrating his life.

The infamous living room!!!

The other side of the living room

And the other part of the living room.

The side of the house

Front part of the house

Cooper sitting for a moment

Papa Pappy riding the four wheeler

Everyone brings chairs to sit around the porch and campfire. We were all sitting around one day and Tyler found a chair just his size and pulled it in the circle!

Daddy and his boys going for a ride.

Kevin was practically begging to make the blog! Are you happy now, Kevin?

Papa Pappy and two of his #1 fans!

Cooper ready for bed!

Shelby- one of the boys cousins.

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Whoop! Sarah blogged and I am in it. This is a great way to avoid studying.


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